Prodim Proliner, utente HanseYacht

Hanse is going to use a Proliner for digital templating their yacht interiors

HanseYachts AG is a one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ocean-going yachts. They built their first yacht in 1993 and have been following their motto “breaking rules, setting trends” ever since. Over the years they have built multiple prize-winning yachts.

Hanse manufactures their yachts in series. In the early design stage of a yacht, Hanse builds it from the ground up. During this process they use wooden molds to create the interior design structure of a new yacht. Once finalized they want to digitize the yacht structure and use these digital templates for the series production of the new yacht. That’s where the Proliner comes in.

Mr. Samuel and Mr. Dinez commented: “Having outsourced multiple digital measurement tasks done with a Proliner, we knows about the Proliner’s capabilities. Accuracy is of great importance to us since the digital templates are going to be used for the series production of our yachts. That’s why Hanse decided to invest in a Proliner.”

The employees of Hanse have succesfully measured and digitized multiple molds during their training, now they are eager to use the advantage of the Proliners consistent accuracy in practice.


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