Prodim Proliner utente Alpha Glass London

Alpha Glass found their digital measuring solution: the Proliner

Alpha Glass is a company specialized in the glass and glazing industry, offering a full range of installations and repair services in the UK. Over the years, Alpha glass has undertaken thousands of jobs through its skilled team of specialists.

Alpha Glass currently uses wooden templates, to measure the space or opening before placing the glass. When we asked what the motivation was to get a Proliner, Gary Bartlett of Alpha Glass answered: “Motivation!? It was frustration!” He explained that the glazier did not accept the wooden templates anymore because it has screws in them and wanted a digital file. His company had to hire outside help to make the measurement. “It took me a lot of extra time and to make things worse, the outside help made a wrong measurement. I was ready for a solution! I searched online and found it: a digital measuring device called a Proliner.”

The Proliner is capable of measuring pretty much anything in 2D/3D. It is a fast and accurate portable measuring device that produces a DXF drawing of the points you measured. The measuring data can be immediately checked and edited on the touchscreen of the device. “I have worked with someone who made a Proliner measurement for me and I was very pleased with the end-result and how every glass piece fitted in its place. That is why I am at Prodim for my Proliner training, so I can start working with it myself” Gary concluded.

Alpha Glass has finished their Proliner training and they picked up the technology very fast! They will be using the Proliner soon.


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