Prodim Proliner, utente Granitz

Stone Shop Granitz chooses a Proliner for measuring their kitchen countertops

Granitz S.A.S. is a stone shop based in France. The fair share of their business is the supply and instalment of kitchen worktops. That’s why Granitz recently invested in a Proliner 7CS with Stone CT, our complete solution for digitizing countertops, sinks and backsplashes with additional functions to make the drawing completely ready for production. Mr. Belghiti from Granitz explains why they choose for Prodim and the Proliner:

“we did compare the Proliner to other digital measuring technologies and choose for the Proliner because of the total package Prodim offers. Prodim has many years of experience in the stone branch, which is clearly expressed by the practical functionalities the Proliner with integrated Stone CT software has to offer.

We are confident that the Proliner with Stone CT features is the right choice for us because it offers the complete solution we are looking for to improve our business process. After finishing the training I have to say that operating the Proliner proved to be very practical and easy!

It is also very valuable to us that training and business can be done in the French language, another reason why we choose for Prodim and the Proliner.”