Prodim Proliner, utente Rinn Beton

Measuring in sunlight is no problem with the Proliner

Rinn concrete and natural stone is a 115-year old family business in the concrete industry from Germany. Their company is specialized in manufacturing concrete and natural stone products. Rinn uses the Proliner 8CS with 3D upgrade for the renovation or remodeling of gardens, pedestrian streets, squares and other public areas.

Rinn came in contact with the Proliner by a competitor who also uses the device. Kay Naumann commented: „We did our research before choosing the Proliner by visiting fairs, asking for demonstrations, asking around in our field and testing several digital measurement devices. We chose the Proliner because we work with a lot of natural sun light; other devices didn’t work or gave wrong readings because of reflection problems. With the Proliner this is no issue. Our company will start working with the Proliner right away.”


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