Prodim Proliner, utente Montescal

Get more work done in a day with the Proliner

Montescal from Switzerland is specialized in making custom stairlifts in order to help their customers to gain safe access up or down the stairs. The chairlift are built precisely to follow the angles of the stairs and promises a smooth and safe ride.

Daniel Froidevaux from Montescal recently purchased a Proliner 8CS – 3D measuring device for making the measurement of the stairs. Daniel Froidevaux commented: “It takes a lot of knowledge and especially time to measure a stairwell for a stairlift, dimensions are never as expected and mistakes are easily made. I found the Proliner after a search online and contacted them after seeing the demonstration video’s. For me the Proliner is a way to safe time: a stair measurement will be done much quicker and I will be able to pick up more work one day. But also for myself, to make my work easier.”


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