Prodim Proliner, utente Sigvartsen

Sigvartsen optimizes Proliner to CNC fabrication flow

Sigvartsen Steinindustri AS from Norway, has experience for over 100 years in the stone industry. They offer a large selection of natural stone to the professional market. Sigvartsen has used the Proliner 7CS with CT Software for several years and this year they visited Prodim for a second Proliner training.

Stian Helgesen from Sigvartsen comments: “We have been using the Proliner for some time now. In the beginning we mostly used the Proliner to digitize wooden templates of countertops. Over the years the Proliner has earned our trust to measure a kitchen countertop directly, it is a very good and accurate machine. We came in for a second Proliner training because we recently purchased a second Proliner, Factory Edit CT and a CNC-machine. We want to use the Proliner measurement directly as input for our CNC with the help of the Factory Edit CT software, so we can save valuable time and create an optimal fabrication flow. The training was very helpful and we are eager to implement our new knowledge.”


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