Prodim Proliner, utente Jasno Shutters

Jasno uses accurate Proliner measurements of doors, windows and openings to make custom build shutters

Jasno shutters BV, a leading manufacturer and supplier of window shutters, located in the Netherlands (Eersel), talks about the Proliner:

“Round, triangle or square; shutters are made to fit virtually any window shape, door or opening. But before we can make the shutters, we need to accurately measure them to provide our customers with the best result for even the most special shapes. Jasno uses the Proliner for making accurate measurements to the mm since 2009.

Multiple windows and openings are measured weekly with the Proliner, both on location and in our office, where we measure physical molds. Working with the Proliner speeds up our process. Not only the measurements are done faster, a DXF file is also direct available. With some minor modifications we can sent Proliner drawings to our factory for the shutters to be produced.”


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