Prodim Proliner user Peters Koelwagens

Peters Koelwagens combines craftsmanship with Proliner technology

Ton and Martin Peters of refrigerated car interior specialist Peters Koelwagens got in contact with the Proliner about 15 years ago at a local event. Being impressed with the Proliner they kept following Prodim. Now that the time is right for their company they invested in a Proliner to perform a key role in their plan to modernize and digitize their business processes. Ton and Martin Peters explain:

“A lot of templating is involved in the process of creating custom car interiors and the Proliner will help us in multiple ways to improve our processes. We can measure physical interior templates in our factory and use the digital template files as input for our CNC machinery speeding up the process. We can also use the digital templates created with the Proliner to build a digital library of our projects to be used for reproduction or as a starting point for the development of new interiors, since car models change constantly.

From now on car interiors will be created using our craftsmanship in combination with accurate Proliner measurements. This is a significant step in the professionalization of our company and will help us reach our goal to supply more car interiors to the higher segments in the market.”

Peters Koelwagens website 

A recent project Peters Koelwagens used the Proliner for:

Measuring a van interior with the Proliner

Measuring result visualized on the Proliner

Proliner measurement used as input for CNC machinery

A new van interior part based on a Proliner measurement