“With the Proliner, we can get the specific data we need with high precision!’’

Werkvreugde Brabantia, located in the Netherlands, is a family owned company with nearly 60 years of experience in in the production of stainless steel components for the yacht building industry. In addition to that, they grind and polish for third parties and also have a department for pickling and passivating stainless steel. They invested in the Proliner 8 back in 2015 and Joris came over for a training to improve his skills:

“We benefit from the Proliner in many ways: we can get the specific data we need with high precision and we are are able to easily measure in 3D all difficult curves and radii of yacht shapes.’’ He continued: “The Proliner saves us time during measurements on-site and the production process. On top of that, all templates can be recorded in our digital databases and reused again providing an efficient workflow.’’

Werkvreugde Brabantia website