Machine It: “The Proliner seriously helped heaps on our project for the ‘Wet n Wild’ boat!”

Machine It, a company from Brisbane, Australia, is an original equipment supplier to the marine industry as well as providing customized cut products to many other industries. They manufacture customized finishes from the edgiest-looking boat flooring, side deck and trim designs to the cutting, shaping, and routing of plastics, foams, and composites.

Recently they invested in the Proliner Decking package and it helped them with a nice project for the ”Haines Hunter V146 – Wet n Wild” boat.

Nick from the company: “The Proliner really helped heaps on this project. Typically that sized job would take us about a week or so to complete. But the Proliner got our time down to about 2 days to complete the boat.

We can easily say the Proliner seriously helps with lead times on jobs.”

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Watch the project video: