MT Mesures: “It was easy to lay the worktops thanks to the Proliner’s accurate measurements”

MT Mesures is a company from Jayat, a commune in the Ain department in eastern France. With more than 17 years of experience in marble, kitchen design, and stone installations, its owner Adam COCHET decided to start as an independent templator for marble workers, kitchen designers, ceramists, and fitters.

He was already familiar with the Proliner Stone Package, so he decided to invest in one for his business. About his experience, he said:

“The Proliner measuring device is a very accurate and useful tool. I used it before for measuring bathrooms, stairs, fireplace surrounds, etc. Now I am able to use it for my own business!”

Adam then explained the Proliner made an impact on the project shown in the pictures:

“During this project, I collaborated with Marbrerie Vessot. Located in Isère, this kitchen project features three U-shaped countertops with a laminate snack bar placed on the granite and splashbacks all around the perimeter. The material laid is Zimbabwe black granite with a straight edge and a thickness of 20 millimeters. It was easy to lay the worktops thanks to the Proliner’s accurate measurements, the dimensions were perfect! I highly recommend the technology of the Proliner.”


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