Prodim Proliner utente Brudgam

Brüdgam adds the Proliner to their high-end machinery range for producing glass

Third generation family owned company Brüdgam based in Hagen, Germany, is a real specialist in high-end glass products. They supply custom glass construction for home interiors, showcases, countertops, backsplashes, doors, windows and much more to customers worldwide.

B. Rolapp and K. Waligora from Brüdgam: we got to know the Proliner on an exhibition and by our CNC machine supplier and decided to invest in it to improve our production process. The Proliner enables us to measure glass constructions on-site as well as to measure the physical templates that are send to our factory. We will use the digital templates to directly operate our CNC machinery.

We create more complex glass shapes at Brüdgam each year and the big advantage of the Proliner is that we can use it for flat, bent and complex glass constructions, making it a future-proof investment for our company”


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