Canvas fabricator Rolfzeilmakerij can now also create templates in moisty conditions

Rolfzeilmakerij is a canvas fabricator from Friesland (NL). They work with a passionate team of craftsmen on all kinds of canvas projects ranging from marine sails, spray hoods, tops and covers to domestic tents and porch sails. Rolfzeilmakerij decided to change to digital templating and invested in the Proliner Canvas package to make it happen. Rolf explains:

“Digital templating with the Proliner brings multiple advantages. We used to work with mold tape and foil to create templates for our projects, which is difficult or impossible to work with in moisty conditions, since tape and markings do not stick. With the Proliner we do not have these problems and the measurement process is faster than creating physical templates. Therefore, we are less dependent on the environmental conditions and save time as well as materials in the process.”

Rolf continuous: “Another advantage is that we can use the Proliner for all our versatile projects and the created digital templates are direct available for further processing. The Proliner Canvas package will help us build a digital database that we can re-use for similar projects to save time. Altogether, the Proliner not only enables us to go digital, it also helps increase the efficiency of our templating and production process!”

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