Prodim Proliner user Zaun Welt

Zaun Welt: “The Proliner measures faster and more precise than other equipment”

Zaun Welt is a company from Nordrhein-Westfalen, in Germany, specialized in the manufacture and measurement of kitchens, countertops and backsplashes. They are also involved in the whole process of measurement and installation of bathrooms renovation projects, fireplace covers, shower back walls, stairways, wall coverings and washbasins. Natural stone and ceramic are the basis of their products portfolio.

They decided to go for the Proliner Stone templator package and Uwe explains:

“Before the Proliner we had a laser machine but we were not satisfied with it. We were not able to move it easily and before starting we had to determine all the points to be gathered. This was taking a lot of our working time. The Proliner measures faster and more precise than any other equipment we know. Its accuracy is extremely high. There are no complications and it can be easily moved. It is simple to use and allows us to digital template in an efficient way.” He goes on: “We expect to expand our business even more and to invest in more Proliners in the future”.

Zaun Welt website