Hyducks: “We wish we had invested in the Proliner and Plotter sooner!”

Hyducks Marine Canvas and Upholstery is a family owned company from Philadelphia, in the USA. They are specialized in custom canvas and upholstery and make products such as Bimini/Lace down tops, enclosures, cushions, boat & mooring covers, repairs and much more. Owner John and John Jr.:

“We are very happy in having invested in the Proliner Canvas package and the Prodim Plotter. The Proliner’s measurement accuracy is spot on and the final product fitting is awesome. We have been involved in a challenging project with 3 pipes on each side of the boat. It would have been a nightmare to pattern it with conventional moulds. Thanks to the Proliner we were able to provide a perfect digital template. On top of that, the Proliner also eliminates the environmental setbacks such as windy days.” They continue:

“By using the Proliner in combination with the Prodim Plotter we can easily plot the digital templates for production. With them both, the whole fabrication process takes significantly less time. We really wish we had invested in the Proliner and in the Prodim Plotter sooner. We and our customers just love it.”

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