Feito em Portugal: “Lead time and labor costs are reduced significantly thanks to the Proliner!”

Feito em Portugal is a Portuguese company that means “Made in Portugal”, specializing in nautical upholstery including customized cushions and covers for boats & yachts as well as home upholstery including repair of chairs and couches. With an endeavor to offer unparalleled quality to their customers, they work hard to increase its quality and efficiency in their work process. And the Proliner Canvas package helps them to do so.

João and Shigeri: “The Proliner is an amazing machine. Before we templated and made everything by hand and it was overly complicated. Not to mention, if it was a windy or a rainy day, the process had to be postponed. Now the procedure is so much easier. Lead time and labor costs have been reduced remarkably. Previously, I would need 2 or 3 people with me for a measuring project, now I can just go by myself with the Proliner.”

They continue: “The Proliner helps us to stand out from the other competitors because we are ahead in the presentation aspect. We can already draw a design in advance and show it to our customers and they are very happy with this. Design, speed, efficiency, and quality are some of the predicates the Proliner offers us!”

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