Team Print Obrt: “With the Proliner, there is no room for mistakes, surprises and unsatisfied customers!”

Team Print Obrt, from Zagreb, Croatia, is a family printing house with a tradition dating back to 1989. They deal with small and large format digital printing, cuts from foil, offset printing, folio and personalized printing, graphic design and also making souvenirs. Deciding to explore a new market niche, they went for the Proliner Decking package and now they can also create personalized marine flooring. Tomislav is happy to share his experience in measuring a Lagoon 40 catamaran:

“It was our first project and, of course, it was challenging but in the end, everything is just like we imagined it to be and the customer is very happy. The Proliner helped us a lot, it’s what we wanted because we can make the design for the whole boat, and all lines are aligned and it looks perfect. Without the Proliner we couldn’t have achieved all lines parallel from bow to stern. Now we can also send the design to our clients before production for approval and what they see on the computer is what they get. There is no room for mistakes, surprises and unsatisfied customers!

As we see our business long term, our next goal is to have an online platform to order boat deckings and the Proliner will help us to achieve that!”

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