Ingenio de Piedra, S.L: “For us, the Proliner means peace of mind in our work!”

With a great desire to innovate and offer their customers what others don’t, Ingenio de Piedra, S.L is a family business company founded in 1996 (at the time, called Taller Lerma) and located in Campos, a town in Mallorca, Spain.
The idea started once Miguel arrived in Mallorca to work in the hospitality industry and quickly developed a passion for the local stone. In 1996, he founded Taller Lerma with his wife, Maria del Carmen Adrover, and soon embraced numerical control technology from Helios automazioni, Tecmaquincontrol, building a close relationship with the Italian company.

In 2008, the company name changed to Ingenio de Piedra, S.L, and introduced Da Vincia® as a brand specializing in creating light sockets and faucets from natural stone. In 2018, they expanded by acquiring a CNC cutter, broadening their expertise to include quartz and porcelain tiles while maintaining their commitment to numerical control machines.

With more than 25 years of experience in the stone sector, Ingenio de Piedra’s specialties include kitchens, facades, restoration, interior, and funeral art, among others – all art made of natural stone, quartz, granite, and porcelain.
Knowing already the Proliner from exhibitions and from existing customers that possess the Proliner, it was time for the Spanish company to also take a step into the digital era: in 2023, Ingenio de Piedra decided to invest in the Proliner Stone package.
Aurora Lerma proudly shares their experience:
“For us, the Proliner means peace of mind in our work, as it gives us the certainty that whatever we measure, there will be no problems. Since we have Proliner, our work is faster and we have no surprises when it comes to installation!”
She concluded:
“We use it almost every day to carry out all the measurements for our customers.”



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