Zeilmakerij Lampe is ready to step into the digital era with the Proliner!

Zeilmakerij Lampe, established in 1995, is a versatile sailmaker specializing in maritime, industrial, and agricultural sectors. Their materials are also suitable for home, garden, and camping products. Situated in Emmeloord, at the center of Noordoostpolder, the Netherlands, they offer easily accessible services by water and road. Their product range includes boat covers and veranda tarpaulins.
Besides sailmaking, Zeilmakerij Lampe has a well-equipped store for water sports and camping items, as well as a showroom featuring outdoor sun blinds, insect screens, and additional veranda tarpaulins.
Having their production and a CNC machine, they felt the need to invest in a digital templating solution, and that’s how the Proliner came on board. They had previously heard about it from existing customers and knew it was the right next move.
Zeilmakerij Lampe just completed their Proliner training at Prodim and is ready to step into the digital era with the Proliner Canvas package!
Erik Boomsma and Erik Vledder tell us:
“We will be using the Proliner for boat covers, and other types of projects in the future and we couldn’t be more excited”


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