The Yacht Garage: “We invested in the Proliner because of a specific project and ended in love with it!”

The Yacht Garage is a family-owned marine maintenance facility based in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, specialized in yacht refit since 1994. They decided to invest in the Proliner Marine 3D package because of a unique project they had to deliver. David from the company explains:

“We got a job to replace the port side hull extension on the side of a 86 Azimut because the piece was gone. So we measured the starboard side with the Proliner in no-time and with 100% accuracy, cleaned it up in CAD, and sent the file off to a foam manufacture to get the piece CNC cut in foam. And the result could not be more perfect! We needed the most precise digital templating tool in order to deliver a spotless job and we got it with the Proliner! We are extremely happy with the results and our client even more.”

He added: “We initially invested in the Proliner for this specific project but we ended in love with it! From now on we will use it in as many projects as we can!”

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