Mucci Glass delivers another amazing project with the help of the Proliner!

Mucci Glass & Railings is a company from Ontario, in Canada, specialized in measuring staircases and hand railings. They went for the Proliner Glass package and have been working on successful projects for the architectural glass industry. This one was not different and they proudly shared with us:

“The Proliner makes digital templating easy, fast, and accurate. It really reduces the lead time of our working process. Before we would measure everything by tape and send the measurement to a CAD program. This process worked well for many years, but you can make mistakes using a tape measure. With the Proliner, we can mark all the deviations so that we can make a piece of glass fit perfectly with straight cuts.

We are very happy with the Proliner and our customers also! Because of the Proliner, we can do all kinds of projects!”

Mucci Glass & Railings website